What’s Christmas Without A Discworld Book?

Making Money Cover

           Making Money. A sequel to Going Postal but the thing about Discworld books is that they all can be read alone. To anyone who had at one time of other studied Economics (Especially Macro… the intricacies of which I have long returned to my JC lecturers but some things stick in your mind), the premise is interesting and closer to our world then a romance novel set in our real world. Moist von Lipwig has taken to picking his own locks in the Post Office, wall climbing and Extreme Sneezing while his soon to be wife Ms Adora Belle Dearheart (Don’t laugh, I don’t think the guy who tried to pick her up in the last book is laughing) is away on Golem Trust business. I don’t like spoilers so I won’t ruin it for anyone but I am eagerly waiting for the next book about taxation. Continue reading

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