Why I Am Against Apathy

At one point, Ms Ong mumbled something about changing Syariah law, but when asked to clarify by a reporter, she took it back and said:
‘What I want to say is that we are working for all women, whether you are Muslim, Buddhist, Christian…’
‘You haven’t answered any of our questions!’ exclaimed one exasperated reporter.
Said Ms Ng: ‘We organised this press conference because we wanted to explain our position.
‘Now, we have a question for the media.’
What is the newspapers’ role in all of this, she asked. Why the unusually keen interest in the gay agenda?
Her question was met with silence.
And with that, the press conference ended.

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原來,當初我所以為的正義,其實在別人眼裡不過是利用我的手段。我不需要知道事情的真相,因為過程和結果告訴我,真相是貪婪和齷齪的。 Continue reading

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