Damn Irritated

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From my Pixnet blog: 你不再閃亮

你不再閃亮 Jun 29 Sun 2008 02:05

即使我還記得你站在光圈前為我們擋住聚光燈的那個畫面… Continue reading

From my Pixnet blog: 想看就看 不想讓別人知道的我不會說

想看就看 不想讓別人知道的我不會說 Jun 08 Sun 2008 23:38


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From my Pixnet blog:越想越不爽

越想越不爽 Apr 10 Thu 2008 19:06

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I could laugh but the moral degration of anyone is not to be laughed at

I thought I couldn’t care less about some idiots but determined idiots can make your life very tiring. Had an illuminating conversation with PY, someone who has a guilty conscience will make project their guilt upon others. They can’t imagine not being vindictive and selfish so they think that’s what other people will do.
Anyway, I’m going to enjoy this June ^^

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