Why I Am Against Apathy

At one point, Ms Ong mumbled something about changing Syariah law, but when asked to clarify by a reporter, she took it back and said:
‘What I want to say is that we are working for all women, whether you are Muslim, Buddhist, Christian…’
‘You haven’t answered any of our questions!’ exclaimed one exasperated reporter.
Said Ms Ng: ‘We organised this press conference because we wanted to explain our position.
‘Now, we have a question for the media.’
What is the newspapers’ role in all of this, she asked. Why the unusually keen interest in the gay agenda?
Her question was met with silence.
And with that, the press conference ended.

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我說的沒有顯示的留言當然不會是以下那個,第一次的留言後才被盯上的吧~ningkei帳號莫明其妙用了第一次就不能登入,申請了ningkei2留言也沒有通過… 我已經了解,那裡的所謂言論自由是甚麼。我也更清楚的看到支持那個人的人是甚麼水準。留言我都會讓你看得到的,因為我沒在怕的。搞不清楚我說的就想攻擊我,對不起,你水準比起我以前筆戰的對手差太遠了。開始有點懷念以前批踢踢的那些人。看到帖子這種用詞我就渾身不自在… 用批踢踢的朋友懂的。我年紀很大了,會用電腦時年紀還很小,從需要用diskette才能啟用的電腦,從以前都是沒有圖案的Telnet,從要有自己的網頁就要會HTML,到現在很多了很多軟件,很方便使用。很抱歉,我對電腦還真的不算陌生。總而言之,我很清楚狀況,是你搞不懂。


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