I am going to be a selfish bitch

From now on, I shall be Ms Don’t Know. Continue reading


I know this for a fact but it still disgusts me. Continue reading

Damn Irritated

When you already have so many things to do Continue reading


幸好我經過去年的傷害 Continue reading

From my Pixnet blog: 你不再閃亮

你不再閃亮 Jun 29 Sun 2008 02:05

即使我還記得你站在光圈前為我們擋住聚光燈的那個畫面… Continue reading

From my Pixnet blog: 想看就看 不想讓別人知道的我不會說

想看就看 不想讓別人知道的我不會說 Jun 08 Sun 2008 23:38


這些都是公開的地方 Continue reading

I am actually angrier than before

I didn’t think it was possible but I am angrier than before. The anger has turned into something else though. I now actually not only want to confront her, I want to shake her till her head falls off. Continue reading

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