Eagerly Waiting

Ring Flash

Here we have nothing short of the most amazing electronic flash that you have ever experienced! When mounted onto your camera, the Ringflash completely surrounds you lens and throws a burst of perfectly even light onto your subject – making for fantastic close-up portraits with a signature look. Skin is radiant, eyes have circular reflections, and crazy shadow effects are traced around your subject when they’re against a wall. Solid color gels and multiple color gels can be used to toss colored light and create seriously groudbreaking and unique images – including shots with four distinct and totally mind-blowing colors! Plastic adapters are included to use the Ringflash with the following Lomography cameras: Fisheye, Fisheye 2, LC-A, LC-A+,Diana & Holga (Color Flash or with Hotshoe). Includes hotshoe sync cord and editorial booklet.

Oh yeah… and free shipping haha!!! Just can’t wait for it to get here.

I want this!

Oh my god! I am lusting over the Diana. You can see it here. I just bought a new Holga in July though and was just thinking of going down to get the new Holga ring flash. The Diana is too tempting though orz

The set comes with 20 rolls of Agfa Portrait 160 or Agfa Optima 100. Roughly comes up to USD1 per roll, a great deal.

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