Entitlement And The Various Evils Of The Self-absorbed

Humans are basically self absorbed in one way or the other but some people surprise me with how self absorbed they can be.
Entitlement. In the sense that these people think they have a right to certain things. No one is above rules, even if it seems that way at that point of time. In time, you pay for it. It’s like karma.
Just read something an acquaintance wrote and it confirmed my gut feelings that while that person has had an university education, there’s nothing very much going on in that person’s head save for his/her needs and frivolous wants. Goes to show that a tertiary education doesn’t mean much. Most values we learn, we learn them early. Education will help us analyse our values and use logical reasoning to defend them or when necessary, change our values. Flexibility is a sign of intelligence after all.
How do you teach altruism?


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