The Last Few Days

I was sick for a while but Thursday night I just had a great treat. I caught Jason Mraz’s Singapore concert. He was awesome! The guy was in top form and so was his band. They really showed us what is groove. I don’t have my camera cables so no photos or videos yet. However, he sang Lucky with Joi Chua which was disappointing. She’s not a bad singer, she hit the right notes and harmonized better than Fiona Sit (she was the guest in HK) BUT she doesn’t have groove. She was bland and technical. The only good thing I can say is that she made no mistakes in tone and pitch. I saw videos on youtube and Khalil Fong was fantastic singing Live High with Jason Mraz in both HK and Taipei. I didn’t even bother watching the videos on youtube of the other guest(許慧欣) in the Taipei show. I didn’t like her solo and I doubt I would enjoy her weak voice with Jason Mraz.
I would love to see Jason Mraz with James Morrison though. He’s opening for James Morrison in May I think. No chance of me ever catching that >”<
Saturday night I attended OMY’s inaugural e-Awards Party. Thanks to Ting’s brother for the Red area tickets, we had a good view although we arrived quite late and were sitting quite high up. It was everything I expected and what I expected was disappointment. A pleasant surprise was Goh Kheng Long, Budak Pantai and Zuo Kuang Ping. AMP whom I was expecting good stuff from didn’t sing much, they were more like Gong Sijia’s backup band 😦 Bad judgment on the organizers’ part, I’m sure the guys would have worked the crowd better if they had more songs.
Cheer was her usual fantastic self but the crowd was more for the bubblegum pop dancing type. I thought anyone would be appreciative of good music but I thought wrong.
I enjoyed Budak Pantai immensely! I liked them ever since a colleague lent me their CD and I was pleasantly surprised when they appeared. JJ Lin was good but he’s just not my cup of tea. I have to say that he can manage a decent song and dance routine better than this other person with dubious claims to Dancing King.
I did not understand the horribly long commercial item for Aaron Kwok’s concert thinly disguised as an introduction to a prize winner. Why had they not done the same for other artistes who were not present? Anyway, the painful segment only made me more determined to avoid that concert at all costs.
I was rather sorry that we didn’t just leave after Stephanie Sun and avoided the crowd leaving together about 30 secs into the finale number. Show Luo is just not a good singer. I do not like JJ Lin’s songs but I think he is worthy of any award he got. Energy danced better than Show Luo and I am not biased as I do not like Energy. Almost everyone else sang better than Show Luo and he should not be comparing himself with newcomers like 何維健. Show was better than Shi Xinhui but only marginally.


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