Anger vs Control

I admit I did lose my temper but that was after I tried rational reasoning. I hate to shout at my students, except when they are too loud and I had to raise my voice to be overheard, I hardly shout save for a recalcitrant few who think they can do whatever they like.
You show no respect for me, don’t expect me to respect you because you don’t deserve it. Being louder doesn’t mean victory and trust me, I can be extremely loud. I did not train for stage for years for nothing. When reasoning fails with people like this, don’t expect any tolerance from me. I won’t be coerced and I am not easily intimidated. I have faced much worse then you can imagine.
I am strangely not that much affected by this incident. The last time someone swore at me angrily, back in May in Hong Kong, I walked right to him and was going to slap him hard if he had not backed down right then. That incident did affect me so much that I lost sleep over it even after he apologized. I was still angry days later when I found out what he did after that night and the trouble he created afterwards. That someone is someone I now respect a lot for his moral courage. He apologized not once but twice. Once right after I walked back, again when I questioned why he had gone around telling a different story about that night.
This time round, I can’t be bothered once the anger went away after 5 minutes. I still need to do something about it though as he did flout rules and needed to be taught a lesson as an example to all. Whatever the actions may be, it won’t be a vengeance motivated action like the slap I wanted to give that person in May but a calculated punishment for breaking rules.


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