An Example Of People Believing Everything In Print

I was reading a friend’s blog where she cross referenced a gossip column’s article and the hoohaa the article  caused on Jay Chou’s fansite. Finally had time to go read the posts myself, first time I went to the site even though I knew about it from a friend who’s a moderator on it. Now, having moderated BBSes and forums for more than ten years I am no stranger to fan girls getting riled up over nothing and certainly not unfamiliar to people reacting impulsively. This, however, proves again how silly we fan girls can be. No, I am just a fan girl, I am way too crazy for just a fan, I am a rabid groupie. This crazy fan however, does not jump on other people indiscriminately when they criticize my heroes(Quite a long list of them though I have only ever ‘chased’ May Day). 

It is a misunderstanding through efforts on the part that reporter but I must point out that JVR HAS in the past, made similar arrogrant remarks. Guess they have to improve on their PR. Thankfully, the reporter quoted Ashin not their manager whom has previously showned that she can make even more damaging off the cuff remarks. Another fact since we are on the sales figures, JVR keeps saying they do not inflate sales etc etc, well, May Day can’t afford to do so as their company is small. As a certain female artiste just reported as number one this week and I would suspect her company of inflating the figures more, I wonder if JVR will say anything. May Day is not holding ONE concert in Taiwan but two large scale ones plus a host of campus concerts so extrapolating the sale figures isn’t hard even for us not in the know. 

Everyone gives out something extra with the albums nowadays, this is to combat piracy, though some are really gimmicky and I heard of albums in Hong Kong with freebies that are worth more than the price of the album. Nothing wrong with that, this is a common marketing strategy for all kinds of products. Nowadays of course micro marketing is more sexy with people all excited with marketing on My Space, Facebook and so on and the music industry is no different. I even saw a Lee Guitar Facebook account. Record companies want to sell albums, reporter answer to editors who want to sell their publications. Most record companies will not willingly offend anyone, they might want to sign on that artiste in the future. Although B’in Music and JVR probably do not have such plans ;P B’in Music don’t have A&R, they just do it by themselves, signing on friends and those recommended by friends. Reporters on the other hand love celebrities at odds with each other.

 As a long time May Day fan, I am familiar with his sense of humour but I guess it is too much work for the reporter to check properly and probably not sensational enough. Ashin may have a caustic tongue at times but he actually likes Jay Chou so I seriously doubt he will diss him like that. Now, if the reporters were asking him to comment on Shin (The detractor from SHIN), I would probably believe it if the report came out with him making sarcastic remarks. I mean, even Masa went out of his way to say good things about Jay during the videos of the press conference.

I am quite amused by the naïveté of some of Jay’s fans. Does anyone seriously think that with 5 people in a band the workload is divided equally by 5? It does mean you have to agree with at least 4 other people with everything, coordinate and arrange a schedule to fit, etc etc, not to mention that Mr Chou does not write all his own lyrics and play instruments and sing backup himself. 1+1=2 is true only when you are doing decimal math, one cup of sand plus one cup of water does not make two cups of a mixture, two musicians does not equate a piece of work at half the time. 

All the jibes about not knowing May Day and that their motive was to make themselves better known by creating such news. I know this probably sounds biased coming from me but May Day doesn’t really care if you know them or not, if you REALLY do not know them. They are still doing very well without you ever knowing them and will go on doing so without you ever knowing them. I guess you can listen to Chinese pop/rock scene and not know May Day, the world is full of people who do not know a lot of things. See? I can be sarcastic too. The people who really do not know May Day must be those who said that they are prety boys who use their looks to sell albums. This is hilarious, they are so far from pretty. I am cracking up here.

I don’t care about these reports because I have a brain that processes information and make logical and rational judgements before believing anything in print. What I find more offensive then reporters murking around is people who do not think and since I am on pet peeves, I also can’t stand people who insist on typing in netspeak and can’t spell so if you want to flame me please use language that I can understand.

One last thing, I seriously have not fully watched any of May Day’s MVs for this album. One thing about MVs, they are like glitzy packaging or junk food. They may attract you or you may crave them but they will never be substantial enough. If the music’s good, they are an added incentive. The music is the important part, not MVs. I hope a certain someone will take note of that. I bought Jay Chou’s first album, I actually liked his music. LIKED. I was so disgusted when I heard 將軍令, the sampling and arrangement was such a rip off of InDa Club by 50 Cents. Now I just can’t help but roll my eys whenever I see him on TV  saying something stupid and arrogant and wearing ridiculous outfits. With TV he can’t claim that he was misquoted and I wonder why his PR people are not doing anything. Maybe they should look into signing on with a professional PR company, even sodagreen has one. If they have one they should listen to professional advice. B’in Music should get one too, their people keep getting their feet in the mouths. Heck, they have a lot of stuff to learn to do properly. Whatever it is that their company does right or wrong, I love May Day because ultimately the most important thing that draws me to them is the music. Although more polite, efficient minders will be appreciated.

OK, I just can’t wait for the flaming to start. Come on now, I really need the hits. Like real *rolls eyes*

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