I am actually angrier than before

I didn’t think it was possible but I am angrier than before. The anger has turned into something else though. I now actually not only want to confront her, I want to shake her till her head falls off.

If it was only a misunderstanding they had in the first place I would just treat it as she is silly to believe others blindly and ungrateful. However, that particular post was way before any ‘misunderstanding’, I am quite certain she was insulting me. Not that I minded that much. So I am fat, so what? It just reflects her two headed snake nature and her viciousness that she can do that while smiling and talking to me during that period of time. THIS is what I am angry and disgusted with. She can deny it and of course she will.

What a horrible example of an individual with no moral standards. There’s another type person I really hate. It’s martyrs or self imagined martyrs. The first type really have been victimized, the second imagines that they have been victimized.

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