Don’t quarrel with a fool

You’d appear like one.

At this moment, I am so incensed that I do not trust the things that will come out of my mouth or through my typing. I have always tried to control my temper as I know how quick and how great it can build up to.

I am throwing caution to the wind. I am at loss for words because there aren’t any that I can use without swearing. Deceitful, shameless ingrates! Quarrelsome, selfish pests! Ching certainly did not deserve this kind of treatment in return for her generosity.

Oh dear, not swearing just cant convey my anger.  One thing for certain, he can go to hell. For having such fans? No. For giving privileges to someone part of their group. First row in HK 2006, anyone remembers? And first row during the突然想見你. Oh dear, have I said too much? Whatever. Heck care now. This is what you have condoned and created. I am not about to suffer in silence. Yeah, your friend. Your friend who asked her friend to HK with her, didn’t book a room then left that girl with no place to sleep while she went off somewhere with him.

You got guts? Come confront me. I am not afraid as I am not the one who did told tales and in fact, twisted the truth so much it was more crooked than an old woman’s back. Did she say that or did she NOT say that? What is your version now? You want to change again? Whatever. If she did not say it in that way, why did you’ repeat’ it to someone else in another way? What is it to you? Do you stand to gain anything? Have you gained anything?

Stupid bitches. Attack me for all I care. I am not known for being nice and demure anyway.


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