What’s Christmas Without A Discworld Book?

Making Money Cover

           Making Money. A sequel to Going Postal but the thing about Discworld books is that they all can be read alone. To anyone who had at one time of other studied Economics (Especially Macro… the intricacies of which I have long returned to my JC lecturers but some things stick in your mind), the premise is interesting and closer to our world then a romance novel set in our real world. Moist von Lipwig has taken to picking his own locks in the Post Office, wall climbing and Extreme Sneezing while his soon to be wife Ms Adora Belle Dearheart (Don’t laugh, I don’t think the guy who tried to pick her up in the last book is laughing) is away on Golem Trust business. I don’t like spoilers so I won’t ruin it for anyone but I am eagerly waiting for the next book about taxation.

My friend called while I was in the middle of the book and I told him not to bother me. He disparaging called them fantasy stuff. Whatever, bet some people won’t be able to ‘get’ the jokes. Fantasy yes, but no wardrobes that sometimes open to another world although they sometimes follow their owners on four feet(read the Rincewind books) and definitely no thinly disguised Christian dogma. It does required some intellectual ability AND extensive reading to understand some parts. Mostly, the books are easy to read. Ever since I discovered Equal Rites in the library when I was in secondary school I was hooked. I actually regret starting so early as it means that now I have to wait for the latest book to be published while that holiday when I first started I had quite a lot to read and reread and reread, it goes on. I have dog eared copies all over my room. I bring one when I go overseas, when I travel on public transport… anywhere I know I have to wait. As I grew older, I did not grow out of them, rather, I grew into them. I was a precocious child. However, I still enjoy a good story. That’s why I am unabashed to admit I read children’s books. Diana Wynne Jones, Phillip Pullman, Herve Jubert, I love them all. Call it fantasy but their feet, metaphorically, are firmly planted in reality.

I was thrilled when my favourite animator Miyasaki Hayao made Howl’s Moving Castle. There are quite a number of movies coming out dapated from some of my favourite books. The Golden Compass is opening soon. Stardust by Neil Gaiman seems selling quite well, I like his books but the movie while competent, still pales in comparison to the book. The nuances of humour and the pathos… I guess a book is still top entertainment for me. I do hope they make Neverwhere, done competently it would be scary and fun.

Since we on reading, here is the list of the most reread books in the UK. Scary thing is, I have reread all of those books. Most of them before I finished puberty. Which ones? Easy to guess from the publishing dates. I think I am officially a geek.

Anyway, thanks to someone whose initials are ATLO that I got the book as an early Christmas present, better than the Sims 2 expansion pack you got me for my birthday buddy!

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