Everything’s Changing

I was reading Baohuan’s blog, especially the posting about his sec sch song. It’s rather sad that a school with a strong tradition in Chinese language and culture is doing this. My secondary school changed the school motto. I guess that is a ministry policy, strategic thrusts and all. However, the original motto was much easier to remember.
Yesterday, a student told me proudly that his Chinese is very bad. I really don’t see what’s there to be proud of. I’m proud of the fact that my Chinese is not bad, considering that both my parents were English educated and their Chinese is worse than that boy in my class. I can speak Cantonese,I took German in secondary school and majored in Japanese in uni. I don’t know why anyone would be proud about underacheiving. I have friends whose Chinese isn’t good but they don’t go around broadcasting proudly.
I know, I sound very conceited. However, I’m terrible at chemistry and did horribly for A level maths. I wasn’t proud that I did not do well. That’s the point, really. It’s the attitude problem.

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  1. DH, no wonder your standard in Chinese is so high. My bro was from there too, 92-95, if memory serves me. May not be as bad as you think, the attitude problem, erm, problem. I was like that boy when I was younger. But when I became older(more matured and all that stuff), I wished I had done better at Chinese, even started liking it. Plus comics are so much cheaper in Chinese. It’s no fun when you have to shell out 2-3 times the cost of the same comic in English as oppose to the Chinese version.

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