What I Hope for Chinese New Year

See that pic? That’s what I hope to be doing, piggy old me. However, I’ll be doing stuff 😦

Did you ever feel that your life was boring? Well, I think I perfer boring. Boring is definitely better than scenarios worthy of Asian drama serials. I’m the normal, common person, it’s the people around me who seem to have much too exciting lives. The sort that just have to involve innocent bystanders like me. At least if I’m bored, I can read or watch something really trashy.


2 Responses

  1. WAH! i rather have so much things to do until i won’t eat! ^^;;

    since you’re an innocent bystander, possible to just ignore them? =) CNY is THE time to relax!!! muahahaha. XD

  2. life the same for everyone..just that with different mindset, attitude and thinking…everyone life seem so different…

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