The world does not stop for anyone

I had a busy fortnight. I was sick, had the monthly thing and on top of trying to complete work I had other commitments. Things got better right before the 13th though I was still sick. It seems like other people were even busier, BM has a hate site?! Wow, that means you made it lei Lee Hsin, maybe you can also start making money out of it. ;P

The rain really got to me, I normally like rainy days, being fat I prefer cool weather. However, the rain got me really emotional (ok, partly cos of hormones), I finally bought David Gray’s Life in Slow Motion. Saw the MTV last year but saw that it was copy controlled so didn’t buy it. Bought it finally because of my groupie fixation, yeah… May Day. I liked White Ladder anyway so I figured it would be worth buying. The first time I heard the entire album was ok, I thought the sound was a lot more polished than White Ladder, the style is different but the David Gray vocals that could make you cry were the same. He sounds more matured too.
Then I started paying attention to the lyrics, really made me retrospective and sad. It’s not really advisable to listen to while driving, couldn’t focus. Made me think of a lot of things…


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