Depressing News

I think we have too many Chinese news channels on cable, too many for me to ignore the news anyway. First the elections in taiwan. At first it was quite interesting, now… well, I have a lot of Taiwanese friends. I feel really bad for them to have to elect any of these people. The media really sensationalized a lot of stuff but some of these candidates are really what I call media whores. They eat it all up.
Tonight’s crying is really the last straw manz. If I’m a voter, I definitely won’t want to vote for someone who wants me to give him the benefit of the doubt and cast a vote for him. It can go the other way you know. What he was saying was that if after he loses the elections and they find out that he is innocent it will be too late. But hey, what if he won and he really did it.
Anyway, this election has turned into an all out battle between the KMT and DPP. The mud slinging is really quite disgusting.
On the other side of the straits, Mainland China has been reporting on this family that had the ambulance carry their mother to the funeral palour BEFORE she died. I don’t really blame them, they had no money for the hospital fees and were at their wits’ end. Anyway, she is now back in hospital with help from a lot of people. This isn’t a rare case though, not the funeral palour part, the fact that many people are turned away from the hospital or don’t even go to the hospital when they are sick. They simply can’t afford it.
When I was in Shanghai in Sept, I saw a lot of these 打工 people from provinces like 安徽、浙江 etc. They come to work in the big cities but the conditions they live in are horrible. One night we tooka wrong turning from Xintiandi and walked into this area of old houses. There was a stretch of road where there wasn’t any lights. We saw a light in the distance and decided to go on. The entire block was boarded up but people were living inside. These people have no running water for I saw people carrying buckets, no electricity either. I smelt urine but couldn’t really care where I trod because I can’t really see very well. Men carrying bags of rubbish(They go around scavengering) looked at us curiously. After the block we came to some old houses where the conditions were much better but we checked the map and realised we went the wrong way so back through that block again. As we were leaving the area for the second time I culdn’t help feeling a bit guilty. I can walk away from it all, but these people live like that everyday. They are human beings just like me but they have to struggle just to survive.
I gripe a lot about my China trips to my friends. The traffic, the horrible service, the way the gong an treat you when you are reporting a case, the way people spit in the streets, etc. In a way I’m just as selfish as those people who shoved others in the streets of Shanghai, I complain because I’m not used to being fighting for every little thing, to be alert all the time.
However I won’t feel guilty about cursing the bastard who refused to return my handphone in Shanghai. I offerred cash in return for my handphone, no repercussions. The horrible person just took it. I don’t mind the phone so much it was more than 2 years old but all my contacts and some pictures and msgs of sentimental value were inside.


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