Annus horribilis

Or as my friend said in Cantonese 流年不利
Just a quick recount of what happened the past week… my desktop PC couldn’t bootup… motherboard failure… I withdrew 2K from the bank for the air tix, this month’s contribution to my mom and to buy a new motherboard and processor… LOST IT…
To whoever stole it or picked it up but didn’t return it although my name, address and contact no is in my wallet… I can’t help it… I MUST CURSE YOU!
Along with my parents’ deteriorating relationship… that horrible fiasco with the event co and of course my complete, utter failure to ask for my money back from M…
Oh well, I’ll be alright after a good night’s sleep
P.S I hate typing on the notebook T_______T


4 Responses

  1. 好可怜, 怎么??? 😦

  2. 陰公囉!(廣東話)
    不過你好像時常掉錢包哦(不要打我) _ _|||


  3. hi.
    thanks for linking us 😀

  4. Hi Ningkei,

    I saw yr msg at somebody’s blog. Please understand that I say “peng you bu guai” it’s bcos I dunno where Webmaster got the lyrics then anyhow PO without telling me! I only know that she say some other Mayday’s fan which i dud know gave her the lyrics. I already said that I didn’t leak any info from that webby! Not even to my sis! Please help to explain if you can understand. Thanks!

    Ps: My tw version cd leh???

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