Growing Old Together

I was sitting outside the sake Shinto shrine at Hida Village when I saw them walking down the path. It was a bleak, bitter cold morning and I must admit I was quite bored at the village.


3 Responses

  1. A smile always comes to my face when I see elderly couples like that, but then I wonder, will that ever happen to me?

  2. I was commenting over at BM blog regarding one simple question to ask oneself when considering a relationship.

    Do you see yourself living with him/her 50 years from now?

    How applicable is your entry.

    BTW, 人是?便得。??是你???他??

  3. 🙂 it seems a bit strange to reply here?~

    who me? hibiscus..someone’s blog.. ha..~ i miss hibiscus cuz i far frm there…erm,actually not too far, but quite close to u, i am in SG now too 🙂

    better dun reply you over there..cuz ..not a good place for chatting.

    frm … s

    btw, i love yr photo~

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