Three OHPs, 11 shadow puppeteers, 2 special handheld lights, uncountable HOURS of painstaking work making the puppets, hours rehearsing to synchronise. That’s only the shadow part, then we have the real actors with the wooden puppets. The dance and fighting scenes to rehearse. It was 3 years ago that we did Nezha. I don’t think we can do another puppet show on this scale in the near future.

You know you have done a great job but you just can’t seem to break even. The audience loved you but the audience is too small.

We once performed in Nagoya at a theatre in the building of a big insurance company in Japan. The company sponsors groups to perform there. We can’t even afford many venues here and often have to make do with less than satisfactory spaces. The Esplanade is good, the prices are not. Even if we all work for nothing, props need money. Theatre rental takes up such a big part of the budget. I really miss Drama Centre.

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  1. Theatre sounds very interesting, and getting to go Nagoya?! :O Were you with some theatre group then?

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