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Things are a little slow now, it’s a good thing though as I went to BM’s birthday KTV session (more like May Day KTV session ;P). I haven’t been to a KTV for ages, too bad I have a cough and croaked more than I sang. I also found that I have been a bad fan! I don’t know how to sing some MD songs! Cannot! Must practice!
I had Wah to pick me up but I got home later than expected because he brought Eric and Bee along. They went for a movie (Tsai Mingliang’s Tian Bian Yi Duo Yun, damn campy movie hehe) and of course we had to go for supper although they had dessert at NYDC before they met me.
I haven’t been out so late on a weekday night since I don’t know when. Work doesn’t count. I am getting old >”< We had fun talking the movie, I watched it on Tue night. Not one of his best but it was damn campy. I think he had fun making the film although Lee Kang Sheng probably didn’t really have fun.
Happy Birthday BM! I didn’t bring a gift *kneels* but I will give you Ashin in the mailbox okie.


Three OHPs, 11 shadow puppeteers, 2 special handheld lights, uncountable HOURS of painstaking work making the puppets, hours rehearsing to synchronise. Continue reading

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