Not so funny

Alan said that the content is contradictory to the title here…
Oh well, my life isn’t a barrel of laughs right now. I did find plenty of things to laugh about though. Like how ridiculous the prices for a place in the 靈骨塔 is.
What? Nearer to the Buddha statute more expensive? The ones cramped behind and need to be rolled out are the cheapest…Forget about shares, we buy these spaces instead and wait for the value to go up. We paid around $5000 for my grandmother’s little box in 1994, then my 4th and 5th uncles’ and eldest aunt’s cost around $8000 in 1997. Now if we want to put my second aunt there near her family, we must pay $15 000.
Not so funny? *shrugs*
AND 寶貝 you can tell him, he still owes M the files. Since they can’t trust him to give them anything… In case you were wondering, I am pissed. However, this thing isn’t really my business. I did not 爆大鍋 and I can vouch for the gals that they didn’t do so. Not about the scandalous affairs and definitely not about this stupid stuff. Heck, your friend made C angry by those untrue comments first, I’m not about to get myself involved in your ridiculous charades.


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  1. Dear, I know. Chill ok? It’s damn hot. 剛才幹嘛不理我?

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