Where am I going?

Sometimes I feel that I have no direction at all. Ever since I left the theatre scene there seems to be no motivation. However I really need a break away from the absurdity of those I had been working with. Maybe sometimes I’m too rational and sometimes I’m too emotional, wrong timing most of the time.

I really hated it when you are supposed to be the production manager in charge of a project and people are making decisions on your behalf all the time. It is really irksome when you already made plans and someone just arbitarily decides he wants to do things in a certain way and then proceeds to do it without informing you. I’m just too gutless to tell them off. Like the incident with the props, I knew he will mess it up. However, no one asked me for my opinion before they asked him. Y already called him and more or less gave him the impression we are going to use him. I know them too well to contradict them in front of everyone. I hate working with people I consider friends before we were colleagues.

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