Dirty Old Man

On my way to work today I saw a familiar face, not someone I know but someone I met before. I glared at him and he 夾著尾巴逃走 *triumphant look*

………………………………..storytelling mode………………………………..

Well, one Sun I went to Bedok Library to search for some travel books on Shanghai. I was sitting at the tables like this—->

B, F, E and G were occupied. A teenager was sitting at B doing some worksheet. I sat at A. After browsing through an incredibly useless and annoying Frommer book about shopping in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong, I stopped to stretch and saw this 50+ yr old man sitting at C. D was still empty. I thought that was unusual but maybe he is her father. While I was copying some addresses out of Lonely Planet, he started to talk to her.

Old man: Can I see your worksheet?
Girl: (silently passes it over)
Old man: Oh this is not very good. I know some better assessment books.
Girl: (quiet)
Old man: You come from China? Which part of China do you come from?
Girl: (mumbles)
Old man: You are here alone?
Girl: with my sister
Old man: I know some good books, you come with me to Marine Parade, I show you.
Girl: No no…
Old man: Never mind, we can go now.
Me: (puts down book, heavily, glares at old man)
Old man: I can buy some good assessmen books for you.
Girl: No need
Old man: We can go now, never mind.
( A few minutes of silence, a woman sits down at D.)
Old man: I’m learning Chinese. (shows girl a book)
Girl: (looks)
Old man: I know a lot good books. We go now to Marine Parade. There’s a bus, very fast.
Girl” No, no
(Woman at D stares at old man, I glare at him again, young guy at F steal looks. Can’t see what E and G are doing)
Old man: Go lah, very near. I buy you two books.
Girl: No no…
Old man: Marine Parade only, one bus. Very near. We go now before dinner.
Me: Will you stop disturbing her? If the books are that good, just give her the names.
Old man: I only being friendly.
Me: No, you are harassing her.
(A few minutes of silence, he leaves soon. Guy at F smirks. Woman at D stares.)

Went home, told L and S on MSN what happened. L said I was a 容易激怒的傻孩子, oh well, maybe I am but can you believe the nerve of that old man. S just asked me why I didn’t take photos of him to forward everywhere. orz

Anyway, I recognized him this morning and couldn’t resist glaring at him. Scum…

2 Responses

  1. Dirtbag. Lowest of the low. Preying on the young like that. This kind I don’t even want to hit with my hands for fear of dirtying them.

  2. […] Powerless As Individuals Perhaps Posted on March 14, 2009 by NingK I was a bitch on Friday afternoon. I saw a teenager throw an empty cup from a fast food restaurant in the grass while walking from work. I stopped him and his friend and made them pick up the cup. I was walking behind them and called him to again near a bus stop when he threw the same cup at the side of a litter bin. yes, I am always doing busybody things like that (What I did to the lecher). […]

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