Alive Not Dead

Got this URL in the mail from Daniel about the Alive. Ironically recent events in my life are more of the dead not alive kind.
I liked ChiSeen Productions’ antics on MTV, especially the man in the chicken suit protesting about people eating chicken. The one where they hurtled down the escalators in Mid-Levels in Chinese woks was interesting. I even liked the one where they ate worms at the bar and threw up magnificiently.

Singing? I thought he said he was NEVER EVER going to cut an album. He also refuses to answer any other questions. This smells a bit fishy if you ask me.
Ermz… Davy Chan is involved though and he is one of the few HK musicians I admire and respect. Oh well, I hope that when I actually hear them later, after I download the mp3 file on the site… I won’t be wishing that I was dead(or deaf) not alive.
I must confess that I visited because I think Terence Yin is handsome in the dashing evil villain kind of way. They have been working with some really brilliant people. Wing Shya the photographer is one of the best. Maybe the project will turn out to be brilliant too.


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