Does anyone respect the dead person?

I don’t really hate funeral rites but I find really disturbing to observe the living during wakes. Especially your own relatives…
I am quite sure that a certain cousin will be there making faces, showing his distaste for anything against his religious beliefs… acting like an arrogant bastard like he always does. He spent almost 2 hours trying to convince to go to church during another cousin’s wedding. I didn’t want to ruin her wedding dinner so I just grinned and kept quiet. Next time he tries it I will shut him up by remininscing about his various misdeeds over the years.
Someone whom I should not name would be simpering around, acting all martyr like, doing cleaning and so on.
A certain someone whom I have a ongoing feud with(Which incidentally started because of a funeral but I should not digress) will be trying to avoid me while at the same time gossiping and collecting gossip. From time to time she will be telling some relative how ill-bred I am, I know, someone told me she did the last few times there was a family gathering.
My father will be trying to avoid long conversations with people he don’t like(a lot) and generally be sulky as he hates noise.
My mother will be trying to be nice.
My sister will sulk and complain that the void deck has no air-con.
The list goes on…
I’ll be trying to keep my mouth shut and stay out of trouble. The last time I didn’t say anything, the ‘enemy’ accused me of insulting her. She apologized to my mother in the end but unfortunately I’m quite unforgiving of people who are too chicken and impolite to apologize to the person they wrongfully accuse.


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